Bookish is an e-book reading program. It lets you enjoy full power of text to speech technologies.
-- (Scroll down to download --> it's free!)
** (Version 1.2 Out!!!)
It supports following formats:
Mobipocket eBook File Format (*.mobi)
Open eBook Format <Electronic Publications> (*.epub)
Portable Document Format (*.pdf)
Microsoft Word 97-2000 Documents (*.doc)
Microsoft Word 2007 Documents (*.docx)
Hypertext Markup Language Files (*.html, *.htm)
Extended Hypertext Markup Language Files (*.xhtml, *.xml)
Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
Text Documents (*.txt)
(You may, of course, paste any text from other applications)

The program allows you to play your e-book aloud using the TTS system your OS supports.
On Mac OS X it is NSSS, on Windows, SAPI5, on Linux Speech Dispatcher.
Bookish 1.2 also carries 2 free local speech engines along: Mbrolax and Festival.
It also supports a number of remote TTS engines:
GoogleTTS, VoiceRSS, VozMe and Text2SpeechOrg.

Handy options are:
* Load file, folder or URL
* Read, pause, stop, auto stop (after specified time)
* Find and jump options
* Follow links from loaded URL
* Open loaded URL in your web browser
* Save as text
* Save as audio file (if TTS engine supports it)
* Readjust text as needed (Find and replace, Uniquify lines, Denumerize lines, Compress whitespace...)

Upcoming options (in new version 1.3):
* More control over loaded text
* Setting up TTS speed (now it is fixed to 200 words per minute)
* Support for more speech systems and online TTS services
* Support for more formats (like *.lit and *.opf)
* Built-in TTS engines management (enable/disable, download new/remove TTS engines)
* A local library with bookmarking etc
* Our own TTS eBook format that will support changing engine and/or voice per blocks of text
* Full support for (text over) mouse navigation

** Please note that this is the author's project for primarily hisown personal use.
** He develops this application at his leasure, and for these reasons, error handling is badly done.
** For instance, some file would just not load, without any error message explaining why.
** There are also, known, but ignored bugs.
** Please, be patient!

Do you like audio books???
You know, there are books that does not have audio version.
It is very nice to have your computer read a book to you.
Especially on Mac OS X or if you have bought an high-quality naturally sounding TTS engine for Windows.

You may also enjoy your computer reading news to you from your favourite news portal while you drink coffee or drive a car.
Spare some time in your life. Use new technologies to their full extent!


Bookish has now been tested on Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Lion, Ubuntu 12.04, Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Version 1.2 is available here for download. It is a Windows version only for now.
If you are a Mac user, please use Bookish 1.1 until 1.2 is ready for you. It will come soon.
Download Bookish 1.2 (Windows Setup) 68.4 MB

Version 1.1 is now available only for Mac OS X platform. Windows version had some nasty bugs.
Download Bookish 1.1 (Mac Os X App) 24.9 MB